The Seed Card Company: Growing Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Greeting Cards


Here at The Seed Card Company, we’re on a mission to bring you consciously crafted, eco-friendly greeting cards, with a blooming beautiful twist! Founded on our love for print and the environment, we are helping to create a greener world for both us and our future generations; sustainability is at the heart of everything we do! In this blog post, we thought we’d introduce ourselves by taking a closer look at what we offer and the benefits of buying a greeting card that keeps on giving!

seed cards are environmentally friendly

Who We Are

Having come from a specialist printing background, we always felt that more could be done to improve the ethic towards eco-friendliness and sustainability in the industry. Thus, The Seed Card Company was born! We have carefully considered every aspect of our company, from manufacturing to postage to ensure that we reach our sustainability goals. We want to offer our customers something bespoke and unique, whilst improving our natural world.

We offer greetings card covering all occasions from Birthdays to Father’s Day! We also create notecards and wedding stationery, pre-designed for your special day. Additionally, we produce business cards, custom packaging and stationery for both personal and professional use.

Seed Cards You Say?

Yes indeed! In a nutshell, our cards are eco-friendly cards that are made from seed card. Seed card is fully biodegradable, recycled material that includes a number of different wildflower seeds embedded within the fibres. Meaning that when the card has served its purpose, the recipient can plant it and watch the card bloom into beautiful wildflowers! All of our products can be crafted on seed card, and for anything that isn’t, it’s 100% recycled, biodegradable and carries the Blue Label certification.

Why Eco-Friendly Greeting Cards

It’s estimated that 7 billion greeting cards are sent every year! We all want to let our loved ones know that we’re thinking of them at a special or significant time… but what happens when the occasion is over? Of course, the cards that meet the criteria can be recycled, but there are many cards that aren’t recyclable or biodegradable. The cards that are a mix of paper and other non-recyclable elements such as embellishments, ribbon and glitter will often be taken to landfill. Even if the cards do break down, harmful chemicals are often present in the ink which then leaks into the ground as the cards try to degrade; this doesn’t do anything positive for our lovely planet. Not on our watch.

Our eco-friendly greeting cards actively help the environment. They are made entirely from post-consumer waste, meaning no new trees are harmed in the manufacturing process. They are recyclable, biodegradable and embedded with wildflower seeds! Not only is the recipient receiving a beautiful greeting card, that turns into a gorgeous floral scene, but they (and you) are contributing to a greener planet by creating their own little eco-system and avoiding the card going to landfill.

Keeping Things Green

It’s no secret that what humans have done to the environment over the past few years hasn’t done our planet any favours. By buying eco-friendly greeting cards, you are taking a huge step in the right direction towards a greener world. Alongside the above, we use vegan-friendly ink in our prints and state of the art laser-cutting technology for a no-ink option. We completely avoid ink cartridges, and our packaging will never contain any plastic, coinciding with our pledge to be a plastic-free company! We are also committed to being a zero-waste business, so every piece we don’t use from our seed card sheets, will be reused in another piece of stationery, donated to schools or of course, planted!

Lastly, our envelopes are made completely from post-consumer waste and use a natural starch-based adhesive. Any stickers we use are made from sugarcane and hemp and our tissue paper is 100% recycled and never bleached. Our mail out boxes, envelopes and labels are made from only recycled materials and of course, are fully recyclable themselves. As a company, our invoicing is managed via email, to stop the unnecessary use of paper, going that extra mile for our environment.

As a plastic-free company, we aren’t too keen of the single use plastic wallets that cards and envelopes are traditionally packaged in for protection. Instead, we opt for a recycled peelable sticker to keep the card and the envelope together, making sure that you never go home without your envelope! Don’t worry, we always have you covered.


Here at The Seed Card Company, we really are stepping things up a notch when it comes to eco-friendly greeting cards. We have teamed up with global reforestation effort, Ecologi to ensure that each time someone buys just one of our cards or stationery suites, we plant a whole tree on their behalf! Yes, that’s right! This not only offsets any delivery carbon, but it also rebuilds natural habitats and creates jobs for local communities who plant and maintain these new forests all over the world. We think that’s pretty amazing.

our seed cards use vegan friendly ink

Get in Touch

There’s nothing we love more than talking to our wonderful customers. If you’d like a little more information on our eco-friendly greeting cards, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch with our friendly team here or alternatively, you can visit our Instagram and say hello!

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