Seed Card Greeting Cards

You guessed it; we also offer seed card greetings cards to corporate customers. Next time your company needs to send a thank you to its staff or customers, what better way than with a card that can be planted and grown into Wildflowers. We guarantee they will remember you each time they are in the garden.

Whether you need cards to send to your customers, or would like bespoke designs to send internally to members of staff, we can help. Our greetings cards are made using the same post-consumer waste seed card, embedded with Wildflower seeds, and printed with vegan friendly ink. We print our cards in a special way to make sure that the seeds are not damaged. If we are talking Christmas cards, we would advise you wait until some warmer weather to plant them!

The basics:

50 folded A6 wildflower seed greetings cards from: £102.50
100 folded A6 wildflower seed greetings cards from: £195.00
250 folded A6 wildflower seed greetings cards from: £475.00
500 folded A6 wildflower seed greetings cards from: £870.00

**These costs are excluding VAT & delivery.
Please contact us for larger quantities.

Our greeting cards are 146 x 210mm when flat and are made using an unique process that ensures the seeds embedded are not damaged during production and actually germinate. The card thickness fluctuates around 300gsm due to how our seed card is made.

We are able to print messages inside cards and also personalise envelopes if required.

We are able to produce greeting cards in other sizes and seed types too, so please do just ask. 100% post-consumer waste envelopes are also available upon request. Alternatively, we also have a 350gsm non-seeded eco card stock available.


Ready to place an order?

If you're sold on the greenest greeting cards on the internet then please send us a message below. We can confirm the costs for your cards and answer any questions you may have.

Sometimes we have something very particular in mind. If you cannot find the information you need for your business stationery, we can help with that too. 


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