Why you should get dirty with gardening.


When we say that we want you to get dirty (and we know where your minds went!) all we mean are your hands! Because you can’t do gardening properly without getting a little dirt on your fingers… and we promise you, it’s all worth it! If you’re not convinced, check out the reasons why!

    1. You’re giving back to the Environment- planting is one of the greatest ways to contribute to our environment and that is just one of the reasons why we make our eco-friendly greetings cards the way we do! You’re not only sending love or best wishes through the message you write in your seed card but you can also send love to mother nature by planting the wildflower seeds after!
    2. Gardening boosts your mood- who knew that bacteria can boost your mood? Well, we did but we didn’t know there was a scientific reason behind it! Mycobacterium vaccae, which you can find in the soil, can actually increase your serotonin! This hormone can make you happier and reduce your stress and anxiety making gardening a feel good exercise. 
  1. It’s fabulous exercise- if you want to exercise but don’t want to hit the gym, consider gardening instead because it’s actually a moderate-intensity exercise where you can burn 330 calories over an hour of light gardening. That’s enough to enjoy a doughnut as a reward.
  2. Gardening reduces stress- do you ever feel peaceful when you’re with nature – or even a little grounded (pun intended) planting can boost that feeling by reducing stress along with symptoms of anxiety and depression. It can even serve as a therapy program to improve people’s mental and physical health! Group gardening, all planting out our seed card – It’s the way to go!
  3. Getting your hands in the soil helps build self-esteem- Growing and maintaining a garden with your own hands can help improve your self-esteem and confidence – I mean honestly, if you can do that, what is stopping you from doing other great things in life?
  4. Growing can help you eat healthier- vegetables and fruits are essential for our diet, and planting can help you get them easier. And since you’re the one who’s taking care of them, you know that your produce is fresh, organic, and free from pesticides. That’s why planting fruits and veggies can help you improve and maintain your health – and keep it between us but we’re working on a vegetable seed card that can help with this.
  5. Provides you with vitamin D - Because when you’re exposed to sunlight, your body will produce Vitamin D which helps improve your body’s absorption of calcium – Essential for your bones and immune system. But make sure you always use sunscreen because, you know, sunburn.
  6. Strengthens your hand muscles - Does the thought of lifting weights make your blood run cold? Well worry no more because getting our in your garden and planting up all of our lovely seed card to create your wildflower meadow means that your hands and fingers will greatly strengthen through digging, planting, and pulling. Bonus!

This is the sign to start gardening now! It’s never too late for you to try it out! If you’re not sure where to start or what to plant then why not consider buying a whole bunch of our eco-friendly printed seed cards to start your wild flower garden… Or be really nice to everyone in the hope that they buy you a card from the Seed Card Company to recognise your fabulousness!

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