Corporate & Business Stationery

It has never been more important to use alternatives in our daily choices to help benefit the environment than it is now. This also features in the choices your brand and company make for all their printed material. Sustainable eco-materials, eco-packaging and vegan-friendly inks are the best way to do that and we can help. 

Flyers, Leaflets & Invites

Replace the card you use with seed card. Each green flyer and/or corporate gift we print can be created on seed card, a bio-degradable, eco-friendly card made from post-consumer material embedded with seeds. A lot of branded marketing material received in the post is simply thrown away, so by using seed card as your printed promotional product (even have it shaped if you would like), the recipient can plant the card, leaving no waste and creating beautiful wildflowers.

We also offer bespoke seed card that can grow herbs and vegetables too. The seed card colour can be Pantone matched and offer a whole host of recycled and pre/post-consumer board if seed card is not suitable for your project. Please contact us to find out more.



The perfect way to make a great green impression is to send an eco-green packaged item. The packaging can be promoted as zero-waste, made from post-consumer materials and no plastic. The product is sent, and the packaging is grown and not thrown, leaving a legacy of flowers, herbs, and vegetables, while enhancing the longevity of your brand in the future and the value of your product.

Plantable packaging is ideal for small, lightweight items - boxes for cosmetics and samples; card wraps for single or grouped products, are just a couple of examples. We can print and cut the seed card in-house using various techniques including vegan-friendly digital inks, lithography, foil printing, letterpress, traditional die-stamping and laser-cutting, for all kinds of creative packaging ideas you may have. Please do contact us to discuss your eco-packaging requirements further. 


Business Cards

A great way to communicate your brand and company’s environmental commitments and green values. Seed card business cards create a positive first impression and can be a great ice-breaker and conversation starter. How many individuals and/or companies do you know who can say their business cards are made from zero waste seed card and printed with vegan-friendly inks?


Branded Notecard Sets

Our branded notecards are ideal for client gifting, welcoming new colleagues or even sending a personal message or thank you. Simply view our notecard collection and send your logo/branding to us.

Prefer to have a custom design created then contact and a member of our team will be in touch.


Special Projects

We have worked with brands from all around the world on the most basic flyer to 3D laser-cut boxes and large corporate gifting boxes, so if you have something fun and creative, we are up for the challenge. Please contact us to make your vision come to life.


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