My Wildflowers bring all the bugs to the yard…


Bugs. Insects. Creepy Crawlies… There are many names for these visitors to our gardens and lot of people have different feelings about them. We’re here today to tell you why your insect visitors are so darn special and why we’re incredibly proud that our high-quality seed card can be used to grow beautiful wildflowers that will encourage all the bugs to your yard!

Did you know that in the UK alone we have over 20,000 species of insects but that these numbers have decreased sharply since the 1970s due to the increased use of chemical based agricultural methods – In fact, as many as 41% of the insect populations are facing extinction here in the UK.

Maybe you’re not all as critter crazy as we are so we thought we’d tell you why it’s so important to keep these guys in the air, in the soil and in business…

  • Insects of all kinds are the basis of the food pyramid – They provide food for fish, birds, reptiles, amphibians and mammals – In fact, 60% of the world’s birds are insect eaters so without these tasty treats to enjoy all of our wildlife would be in trouble causing our eco systems to collapse.
  • Insects are great barometers – Alright, not quite barometers, but they are amazing indicators of environmental change and pollution which helps us understand what our planet needs and when we need to act.
  • Insects are nature’s decomposter's – Insects are great at breaking down waste matter and recycling it to create new life! It’s actually pretty clever how they can clean up dung, dead plants and animal bodies and return them to the soil as nutrient-rich, organic matter (which is perfect for planting out your seed card greetings cards!)
  • Insects are like bouncers – Healthy, happy insects can keep harmful organisms in your garden in check just like ladybirds who can eat as many as a thousand aphids during their larvae development… Without which many plants would be destroyed.
  • Insects are pollinating powerhouses – Alongside bees which we hear a lot about all types of insects are great at pollinating – Around 80% of UK plants are pollinated by insects including a large number of food crops!
So, how can you help our creepy crawly friends? Well even one pollinator-friendly plant can make a difference – Providing food and ‘work’ for these little warriors which in turn makes our flowers bloom and our food grow. Our seed card is a simple and fuss-free way to enable the growth of wildflowers that will help maintain out insect population – Once you’ve finished enjoying your eco-friendly greetings card from The Seed Card Company you can either tear it up or place it whole into your soil, give it water and light (if nature isn’t providing for you) and watch them take root, grow and blossom into an array of beautiful wildflowers. As a lot of wildflowers are self-seeding and with the help of our insect friends you can enjoy your beautiful flowers season after season.

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