Who we are

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The Seed Card Company was founded by three individuals who share a love for print and wanting to play their part in creating a more sustainable and eco-friendly environment for us and future generations.

We have worked in the print industry for a long time and as much as improvements have been made, like 100% recyclable card and paper and FSC certified card stocks, we felt we could do more. Every aspect of our company has been thought over to make sure we reach our sustainability goals, and with every stationery item sold, you are helping us achieve these, so thanks in advance!

We are a small team with big dreams accompanied by our troop of dogs (seven and counting!). They are pretty awesome so we might sometimes need your help picking employee of the month.




Eco stuff

Let’s be honest. Over the years what us humans have done to the planet hasn’t been great. So, we decided to make some changes to play our part using our background and knowledge. Our cards are made entirely from post-consumer upcycled paper waste, meaning no trees are harmed in their manufacturing process. They are recyclable, biodegradable and embedded with wildflower seeds. When we aren’t using seed card, for example in some of our wedding stationery, social stationery or notecards, we use a 100% recycled,
post-consumer and post-industrial waste, eco-friendly board which is completely chlorine and acid free and carries the ‘Blue Label’ certification.


More Eco Stuff

Keeping things as green as possible we have also ensured our print methods tick boxes too by using vegan-friendly inks and state of the art laser cutting technology for a no ink option (and obviously lasers are fun, pew pew!). Our printers do not use ink cartridges and our packaging will never contain any plastic to maintain our ethos of being a plastic free company. Let’s keep those nasties out of our oceans! When you buy one of our cards, you not only have great taste (gently brushes shoulders) but are helping the planet become a little bit greener. We are also committed to being a zero-waste company so any off-cuts from our card sheets (no matter how small) will be re-used as another piece of stationery, donated to schools, or planted.


A bit more Eco Stuff

If you made it this far, well done, but it doesn’t stop there, we’ve gone a step further. Our envelopes are made from completely post-consumer waste and use a natural starch-based adhesive. The stickers we use are made from sugarcane and hemp, and even our tissue paper is 100% recycled and not bleached. The boxes and mailers we use to post our orders are recycled and also recyclable. All of our invoicing is done via email, so we have no unnecessary use of paper and our delivery labels and envelopes are made from recycled paper stocks too.

We aren’t a fan of single use plastics such as how cards and envelopes are traditionally packed for display in shops to protect them. Not on our watch! All of our trade orders have a recycled peelable sticker to keep the card and envelope together and to make sure you never go home from the shops without your embossed envelope – we have all done it!

Come on, admit it, you’re as excited as we are about this!


Last but not least, some more eco stuff

Wait, what, there’s more! Oh yes, even with all of that we were still not satisfied. We still wanted to do more. That is why we have teamed up with global reforestation effort, Ecologi. Each time you buy one of our cards or stationery suites, The Seed Card Company and Ecologi will plant a tree on your behalf. This not only offsets any delivery carbon but also rebuilds natural habitats and creates jobs for local families who plant and maintain these new forests all over the world.

Wanna see our trees?


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