Green fingers - How to get the best from planting your seed card


When is a card not just a card? When it’s a seed card of course! A seed card is truly the gift that keeps on giving – a unique greetings card that, with a little TLC from you, will transform into the most wonderful wildflowers. We make 100% eco-friendly recycled cards that are impregnated with wildflower seeds. Cool huh? We only use post-consumer waste – in other words, no trees are ever harmed in the making of our products. And for an added bonus, we promise to plant a tree for every sale. It’s super important to us that we’re as kind to our planet as we possibly can be, and one way to love our earth is to plant those trees. Yay for trees!

So, greetings cards that grow into wildflowers - what could be more lovely? And don’t panic, you don’t need to be green fingered to get gorgeous results, just follow our top tips for beautiful blooms in no time at all.

Once you’ve enjoyed your seed card in its original form it’s time for stage two… you’ll just need a plant pot with soil, some sunshine and water, and a little bit of patience. The seasoned gardeners amongst us will already know how amazing it feels to plant something and nurture it into life, and this is no different. Wildflowers are an incredibly important part of our eco-system, vital for the survival and success of bees and butterflies. Plus, they’re incredibly pretty! But like we said, no gardening experience required for these little beauties. You’ll find yourself checking on them every morning once they start sprouting.

Fill your plant pot about three quarters full with soil. Pack it down a little but not too much, it should still be slightly fluffy (can soil be fluffy? You know what we mean). Now grab your seed card, have one last look at the cute design and then rip it up! Actually, if your pot is big enough then you can plant your seed card whole, but otherwise tear it up a bit and plant the pieces. Top up with a tiny bit more soil, it’s ok if you can still see the card (in fact I find I get better results when it is that shallow) and give it some water. You’ll want to keep an eye on your new little green leaves for the next ten days or so, making sure it’s nice and damp but not swimming in water. Keep up the good work and within weeks they will start to flower. Within a few months you will have your own little meadow, especially if you planted a few cards or over different trays.

Here’s some we made earlier.

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