Recycling Post Consumer Waste to Make Eco Friendly Greeting Cards


Here at The Seed Card Company, we have a passion for the environment. Did you know that our eco friendly greeting cards are made from recycled post consumer waste? Interesting right?! Not only is this great for our planet, but by buying our cards, you’ll be doing your bit to help out too! Shopping more consciously can certainly make a difference, but when it comes to greeting cards, how does post consumer waste work? 

An image of a seed card made from recycled post consumer waste.

What is Post Consumer Waste?

Post Consumer Waste is simply the waste that we produce after the item in question has come to the end of its life cycle. Household waste including food, drinks and packaging all come under this bracket. It depends on the type of waste and the action taken by the consumer, but post consumer waste can be recycled, incinerated, or placed in landfill. As you probably guessed, we’re not fans of the latter.

Why Is It Important to Recycle Post Consumer Waste?

Unfortunately, waste that ends up on landfill significantly impacts our environment in a negative way. Waste releases gases, toxins and chemicals into the atmosphere and the ground as a result of incomplete decomposition. Can you see the dilemma? Post consumer waste must be recycled and reused to prevent further pollution on a mass scale.

To prevent the tonnes of post-consumer waste being deposited in landfill, recycling and reusing is the only way forward. Single use materials are extremely damaging as they tend to take, take, take and give nothing in return! No one likes one-sided effort. Some post consumer waste takes hundreds of years to decompose. Although some materials don’t take as long to break down, they’re still really harmful to nature because of their single use make up.

As humanity has grown, plastic and other harmful elements have been generated to meet consumer demand. Consequently, we’re producing more materials when we don’t have to. Using sustainable products that last a long time and go past single use, is the way forward.

An image of colourful seed cards, made from recycled post consumer waste.

Post Consumer Waste in Our Cards

Our cards are made from seed card, which means that teeny tiny seeds are embedded into the recycled card. The foundations of our eco friendly greeting cards are made from waste paper that is collected from business and trade consumers and processed back into pulp. This ensures that recycled post consumer waste gets its second lease of life, in the form of a biodegradable note of loveliness. It’s imperative that waste is recycled if we’re serious about saving our planet!

On that note, did you know that we print our cards using vegan friendly ink? That’s right, we add a splash of colour but not at the expense of the environment. What sets our post consumer waste cards apart from the rest is that even our printing process is completely earth friendly. No chemical or plastic nasties, just pure and pulpy, seed embedded goodness!

As a plastic free company, you can be rest assured that you’ll never see our cards in those cellophane pouches or any plastic packaging upon delivery. All of our packaging is made from recycled post consumer waste too!

The Impact on The Environment

Why cut down new trees to make greeting cards? In our opinion, there is simply no need! At The Seed Card Company, we’re big on the greener picture. We pride ourselves on our no new trees harmed ethic. Recycled post consumer waste plays a big part in that as it enables us to use resources that are already available. Using old materials means that there is no detrimental impact on the world’s forests – amazing!

The Cycle Continues

With our cards being completely natural, they’re biodegradable; meaning decomposition is part and parcel of the deal - a huge win for our planet. Whether you decide to plant your card or pop it in the recycling, it will disintegrate safely. Should you decide to pot your card, those all-important wildflower seeds (added by hand during the pulping process) will start to sprout little buds of sunshine! When you actually think about the journey from post consumer waste to card, it’s kind of cool. We love that we’re making a difference to the environment through something so heartfelt and fit to brighten anyone’s day.

An image of seed card paper, made from recycled post consumer waste.

Get in Touch

There’s no time like the present. If we act fast, it’s fact that we can claw back a lot of the damage that has been inflicted on our environment. It’s all about making conscious decisions; whether it’s buying your cards from The Seed Card Company, becoming better at recycling or simply making the effort to walk to the local shop rather than driving, one step at a time, we can make a difference collectively.

There’s nothing we love more than talking to our wonderful customers. If you’d like a little more information on our eco-friendly greeting cards, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch with our friendly team here or alternatively, you can visit our Instagram and say hello!

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